We have 2 BorderManager 3.8 servers in place, we need to force all
traffic for certain domains to a parent cache for performance reasons
(that cache is given priority bandwidth for certain sites that we need
quick access too).

We can do this fine by specifying the neighbour cache in the heirarchy
and then putting the domain in the domain restrictions so that only
traffic for that domain goes to that parent cache. The problem is that
we have a list of about 170 domains that need priority. Only the BM
servers have access to the parent cache so I can't do it in our
cache.pac as the clients are not allowed to access the parent caches

I have a few questiosn ....

1. If I put in 170 sites in the list - will it :

a) allow me to have that many domains/hosts in the list
b) slow the cache down signigicantly?

2. Is there any easier way to get them into the list other than NWAdmin
as I need to do the same to both servers and the list does change/get
added to quite often, and we may add more cache servers at a later
stage. An admin nightmare.