In order to import the content-repo into a Satellite you must first cancel the replication schedule. We did that and imported the content.

Now I am trying to reengage the content distribution but I can't through the ZCC. It is a documented bug in v10.3 with Oracle.

I just need a sample XML to use so that I can run the zman ssucrs command. Thanks.

Editing the Content Replication schedule that is set to “No Schedule” results in Null Pointer Exception if the ZENworks database is running on Oracle
Source: ZENworks 10 Configuration Management; Satellite.
Explanation: If ZENworks database is running on Oracle, and the Content Replication schedule for a satellite is set to No Schedule, you would encounter the Null Pointer Exception when you edit the schedule by using ZENworks Control Center. Action: To edit the Content Replication schedule, use the zman ssucrs command. For more information about the command, see “Satellite Commands” in the ZENworks