Since the content-repo import the Linux Satellite server (with TID 7005653 patch) is not replicating content.

My only indication of a problem is the ZAC CVC command. It reports error code 100 - Unknown Error. Where do I go next to troubleshoot this problem?


Processing Command: cvc

Beginning verification of CDP content.

GetCDPAllContent call failed.

Error Info: (Code: 100, Message: Unknown error getting all CDP content)

0 item(s) were in sync. 0 item(s) were not.

Content validation completed after 40.59 seconds
Processing Command: cdi

Number of packages: 6,278
Repository Size: 11.79 Gb

Processing Command: satr

Satellite Roles
Role: Authentication Enabled: true Status: Active
Role: Content Enabled: true Status: Active
Role: Collection Enabled: true Status: Active
Role: Imaging Enabled: true Status: Active