In my lab i test the function of password restrictions.
The server is a NW65SP8 plus post patches and the client is a WXP-SP3
with client 4.91SP5 plus NWFILT2-patch.
i created a user with the following restrictions :

- Allow user to change password
- Require a pasword
- Minimum password length : 4
- Force periodic password changes
- Days between forced changes : 40
- Date and time password expires : a few minutes in the future
- Limit grace Logins
- Grace Logins allowed : 2
- Remaining grace logins : 2

I wait until the password expires, start a login and get the message :

LOGIN-LGNWT32.DLL-2032: The passwod for user u1 has expired.
Do you want to change your password ?

I deny the change and the login script runs like normal but the
remaining grace login counter does not change. I can repeat the
procedure as often as i want. The account has never been disabled (what
i expected).

what 's my mistake ?