Let me preface this by saying we're currently a NetWare 6.5 organization.

When you install NetWare, it doesn't ask you for the IP address(es) of LDAP servers.

When you try to install OES, it asks you in LOTS of places for the IP address(es) of your "LDAP Servers," including when configuring the following OES services:

-"LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services"

All these LDAP questions are new to us. We don't know how to answer them.

In a 100% NetWare environment, you don't need LDAP, because all of the servers are capable of communicating directly with eDirectory. (Oversimplification, I know. iPrint uses LDAP in NetWare. But in general, this is true.)

My post is too long already, so let me just ask three (hopefully) simple questions:

1. When you install an OES/SLES server, does it automatically become an LDAP server for eDirectory? (In NetWare, it does.)
2. If you have an OES/SLES server functioning as an eDirectory LDAP server, can it serve LDAP requests for partitions whose replicas it does not hold? (In NetWare, it can.)
3. What happens if, during the OES/SLES installation, you give "LDAP Server" addresses of remote servers (i.e.,a different server on the network)? Does the server forever forward LDAP requests to them, and fail if they are unavailable?

Thank you so much.

- Ruth