I want to just get started looking into ZAV, using the eval copy
provided on the support CDs. I am a bit confused about a few very basic

- We currently have Zenworks 6.5 and lots of app packages, based on
Netware 6.5 SP7. Does the Application Virtualization require having a
specific server OS, or does it work at a workstation level directly?
That is to say, do I need to install anything to a server in order to
build distributable virtualized apps? If so, what server OS(es) and
what version of Zenworks is the baseline?

- Is there any way to import a -single- snapshot-created application
object, or the base AOT or AXT, to create a virtualized app? Rather
than do a complete migration, I'd just like to be able to test a single
application that currently works successfully when distributed via the
current Zenworks/NAL in place.

Thanks. I know these are kinda doofus questions, but I'm not sure if my
impressions from the meagre documentation are correct or not.

I'm also grappling with the issue that Terminal Server is currently used
so that a remote site can run a custom database app faster than trying
to do it over-the-wire (i.e. user opens RDP to a server at the main
site, then runs the app from there which communicates with the database
server, so not having to move data but rather just screen info between
the remote & main sites) and am trying to work out if Application
Virtualization would somehow offer a way to do this without TS. I can
see where virtualization easily replaces the apps that I push with
Zenworks that run either on the local machine or local servers, but for
the scenario I've mentioned, is there any use to it?

Thanks again for patience and help that anyone offers.

-- DE