First, if this is in the wrong section my apologies, I was uncertain where to post it.

We have just had a License Audit from Novell conduced with the LMS licensing tool, and we have some questions about the report.

Results Summary:
Found xxxx ZCM Users
Found xxxx ZCM Devices
Found xxxx Logged Users
"ZCM Users" is over twice the the number of "Logged Users" (and over twice the number of staff we have)
"Logged Users" approximatly equals staff numbers.
"ZCM DEvices" seems to equal the number of devices in ZCM.

How do they work out the numbers obtained for "ZCM Users" and "Logged Users" that they use in the report?

Novell Licesing have contacted us and asked us if we wnat to license by user or device, but provided no other information.

When they say by user, do they mean the "ZCM Users" figure or the "Logged Users" number? I have had a look in the EULA and done a couple of searches but havent found an answer fof this.