Hi, this is a follow-up to previous posting under "proxy restarts with no
On 6/1 BM server locked up while I unloaded proxy, so I had to re-start the
server, then unload proxy and load proxy -cc. Upon checking Cache2
VOL$LOG.ERR this is what it says:"Volume CACHE2 mounted on Tuesday, June 1,
2004 5:01:42 pm.
Volume mount had the following errors that were fixed:
Problem with file 053431B3.AAJ, length extended.
Problem with file 053431B3.AAJ, old length = 0, new length = 65536
Problem with file 6B02F6F3.AAJ, length extended....."
Is this normal after load proxy -cc, so it's telling me that the errors were
fixed, or should I consider other options?
Thank you for your help...