We have been experiencing some intermittent imaging issues with the Latitude E6410/E6510. The issue isn't so much with the imaging process, but rather failing intermittently when running sysprep on Windows 7. The issue is specific to these model types and works fine across all other dell lines.

I have updated patched and updated the bios to the latest (A03) as it addressed issues with PXE and hard drive issues, but the problems remain. During the audit phase of sysprep we install drivers, machine reboots, installs applications, reboots, disables admin account, reboots, and then is sent to OOBE via sysprep. This process fails periodically on this model type alone.

In terms of the parameters within z_maint.cfg I have run the gauntlet in terms of adjusting parameters which may be hard drive dependent with limited success. We are running off of the April driver updates, as May's are seriously flawed for older machine types. We have also used the May bootcd.iso which presented the same issues.

It appears when the machine reboots it has a hard time finding unattend.xml, suggesting a hard drive issue possibly?

Any suggestions?