I have a general question regarding the BM mail proxy.

I have a customer who has their Groupwise GWIA on the same server running
Bordermanager. Somebody was trying to use their GWIA as a relay (it's GW
5.5 EP, but relay turned off). The relay attempts were generating
thousands of messages an hour and dumping them all into the GWPROB
directory. The GWIA was essentially shut down to it users due to the
relay attempts

My question is: If I reconfigure the GWIA to run on a server behind our
BM firewall, and use the SMTP proxy, will I be able to successfully block
any future attempts at relaying? I plan to have rules in place to deny
any smtp traffic unless it originates from within our GWIA or is destined
for our GWIA.

I appreciate any feedback or any other suggestions.


Rich S