Hi all...

I seem to experience some problems with the newsproxy from BM 3.7 SP2. First
of all I don't seem to be able to configure my 'sent' Email adress. I
configured a complete another domainname in the Newsproxy config as it uses
here (md.tgs.loc=my Edir context...)

My second problem is the newsreading part of de ACL definition. It doesn't
allow me to create a Sourcelist of users that are allowed to use the
Newsproxy. It 's greyed out ..

The third question is what Emailaddress do I use to restrict te posting
part. When I put in an email adres in the sourcelist I get an error 502 in
the client saying that there is a possible authentication problem. When I
put it on Any (as it is configured now) I can post perfecty allright...

Any hints of tips ??