Good afternoon all,

We are currently running NetWare 6.5 SP6 and have (2) 500GB hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration via an Adaptec SATA II RAID 2420SA controller card.

We are looking to upgrade to (4) 1TB hard drives in a RAID 10 configuration. I do not have a ton of RAID experience, especially not with NetWare, so any advice is greatly appreciated.

My thoughts were as follows:

Add (2) 1TB drives to the RAID 1 array and let the array rebuild itself so the original (2) 500GB drives and the (2) new 1TB drives are all mirrored. Then, mark the (2) 500GB drives as failed and remove them from the array. I would then replace these with the remaining (2) 1TB hard drives and allow the RAID 1 array to replicate itself.

Once all (4) 1TB drives are online and active in the RAID 1 setup, I would then convert the array to a RAID 10 configuration, and let the Adaptec card migrate the data accordingly.

Assuming that approach would work correctly, how would I handle this change on the software side, in NetWare? Currently, we have (3) volumes set up all based on the same NSS Pool.

Thank you in advance for your help!