My eldest moved to Seattle, and I took over her bedroom as my office. So in the
past two weeks I've moved my office from my bedroom to the new office (still
have lots of sorting to do), reorganized the bedroom sans office junk, moved
antique rocking chair from living room to a "reading nook" in the bedroom,
rearranged the living room sans rocking chair, moved sofa bed from family room
into office, took the coffee table from the family room to Good Will, put a
4'X8' area rug in the family room once all of the furniture was gone, moved the
dining table from the kitchen to the former family room/new dining room, and
today I put together a new pub table and 4 stools for the kitchen to replace the
dining table that was moved the day before yesterday. I have blisters on my
index finger from the allen wrench, and I need a nap.

But the house looks like a different place!

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