I've been evaluating the product since the first preview and had mixed success.


NW: 6.5.8
GW: 8.0.2
VM SLES 11.1

The latest build is possibly the worst version to date, for us any way. Uninstalling the old using the script and then installing the new version produced an error when trying to start the services. So I reverted to a clean "just installed" snapshot, which enabled a successful install. However on 3 iPhones the inbox would continually refresh.

Open Mail > Enter inbox > Empty
Download messages > Spinning wheel on phone > Inbox then goes blank

The number of messages on the top status bar would always remain, and the process would contiue constantly.

Removed the account from the phone, re-add without error and the same result. Force a re-sync, no change. Force a user re-init, no change. Remove my account from DS and re-add, no change.

The only option I had was to go back to the previous version.

Using the previous release (1.0 Beta - Release r0) I have an intermittent problem of the configengine failing with an attribute error. Again, the only solution to to re-install the server and then the DS component, or revert to the "clean" snapshot.

I also find making ANY changes to mail setting or folder sync option causes the mail to stop sync'g, or enter the infinite loop of downloading.

There's a mention of a June 17 release however I can only find a June 15 posted release???

It would be nice to know why the configengine dies and how to fix it as reverting to the snapshot means re-adding users...And then there's the "Accept certificate" message users then get on there phones.....