Hi All,

I am installing my first OES 2 Linux in to an existing NW v6.5 SP8 EDir 8.8 (latest patch) tree and have a couple of questions.

I am going through the install process and have added OES 2 and ticked the 'edirectory' module/option. I want this server to be able to communicate within my existing tree as this server will have IDM 4 on it.

1) I received the following error - Error, Unable to LUM add/modify 'admin'. The install allowed me to continue.

2) I entered the SLP info and it configured iManager. I am now at a point where it is asking me about Authentication Method under the 'Users' part of install. I have the following options - Local, LDAP, NIS, Windows Domain. Which one do I use?

I know I cannot use LDAP as it stated earlier that Open LDAP cannot be enabled with the EDirectory option. I do not want the Windows Domain authentication. This leaves local and NIS. I am unsure which one to pick.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.