I use Suse Linux 9.1 in a novell network and it seems ok. With ncpfs I get
access to my file-servers. Groupwise work too. If I try to come into the
internet with opera, I get the login masc from the Novell BorderManager. My
Suse Proxy authentification is right but the BorderManager dont use it (?).
If I autehtificat me manuely in the web-interface, I come into the
internet. Not the best solution but its ok (for the moment).

My problem is, on this computer run a cron job every night and I need
access with wget to the internet. I dont come in. I use wget without poxy
and I tryed it with proxy parameters, I dont come over this firewall. Is
there a setting or solution to authentificate me forever on this forewall?

Thanks for the answers and sorry for my bad english.