I can't quite figure out how the synchronization works on iFolder? I have the following setup:

ifolder 3.7 server at the office.
ifolder 3.7 client on a PC at the office.
ifolder 3.7 client on PC that is offsite.

I will be moving data to the ifolder folder on the PC at the office so it will be synced with the server. I then want the PC that is off-site to take these files from the server and copy them to the the remote PC.

Each night I will delete the files of the PC in the office and add new files. I want these old files removed from the server which will in turn remove them from the remote PC. The new files will then be synced with the server and then copied to the remote PC.

But...if I delete them from the PC at the office, won't the server see them on the remote PC and re-add them?

What do the sync times mean on each client and the server itself? What's the best times to put in...is 5 minutes too much (especially if I'm syncing GB's worth or data each night)?

Thanks very much for your help.