I am running BM3.6EE on a NW6 SP4 server and started having trouble the past
few days. It might have started after teh SP4 update but not sure. It
appears that on occasion teh srever would just stop responding or the proxy
would just stop responding and my internet would be lost. The strange part
about that is that it doesn't go away for all users. I for example was able
to access the Net but there were a handful of folks that couldn't. Thery
were able to ping outside but no browsing. I restarted their pc's and still
no joy. Even when I unloaded PROXY and reloaded PROXY -CC there was still
no joy. The only way to get it back was to down the server and restart.
This has happened about 6 times now and I just noticed in teh logger screen
this strange error (at least stragnge to me).


Then after that I get...Module Proxy.nlm load status OK. I want to load the
latest version of eDir but before I do that I wasnt to get this running
right. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Any help is always appreciated.
Thanks to all.