In our existing setup, we have two servers NW1 and NW5 each connected to the same physical router, with IP and respectively. NW1 is netware 6.5SP5 and NW5 is netware 5.0. Each has it's own independant tree.

It is possible for a client to sign on to NW1 and then ATTACH NW5 (in the login script). Then mapped drives on each server allow a client application to simply keep backing up data from NW1 to NW5.

Now we are adding another server we will call NW6 and want to set up the same drive mappings in which NW6 takes the role of NW1 and NW1 takes the role of NW5

The new server NW6 has to be an OES 2 server on SLES 10.3

I have a vague idea of how this WAS done using INETCFG.

Both NW1 and NW5 have IP packet forwarding : Enabled("Router")
Both have Lan static routing for NW1 it is static host next hop For NW5 it is static host next hop

Unfortunately, on the new server, with only iManager available, we have no idea how to set up a similar routing system, or even if it is necessary. Cna anybody point us in the right direction, please?