I know the Linux Client will not be enhanced, but still I've installed the 8.02 Beta on my SLED11 workstation, and the result is bad :-(

- Sorting of messages in the folders : I had all folders sorted by date in the descending way : the column date still has the little triangle facing down, but the messages are sorted in the ascending way (with the oldest pre-selected). I need to click TWICE on the triangle, in order to sort them ascending-wise and re-sort them again descending...

- "Show group labels" : very usefull split of the messages by days, even if selected in properties : doesn't work anymore in Inbox. But works in "Home View", weird ?

- Calendar : using any views, no appointment will show if dated more than 30 days in the future (shortsighted ?). But the monthly summary still has the days in bold if it has appointments, just doesn't display them !

Version : 8.0.2 Beta 5/13/2010 (gwclient.jar)
Build : 90388.9820

Sorry if these bugs have already been reported.
Hopefully a new release of the Beta will solved them soon.

Best regards,
Andr Tissot
Geneva - Switzerland