Ok, the purpose of many of Novell's official blogs are to offer updates of
what's happening at Novell and updates on product developments. Part of
this is also registered user comments of such (Someone correct me if I'm

Then why are some blog articles have had comments turned off after receiving
negative comments?

It's not that any of the authors are replying to the comments to offer
insight but rather more like a door slamming in an argument with your

Novell just shuts the comments off and slams the door shut. There are
posting here on the support forums of user's voicing their frustrations with
hopes that Novell is listening and then on Novell's website, they ask for
user comments and shut it down when it's not what Novell what's to hear!!
If Novell would just listen a little more to it's users, we could make
progress rather than two steps forward and three steps back.