We've been struggling with slow log ins for some time on our machines.

While digging into this issue, I discovered that PCs which existed when we were on ZfDS 6.5 still have in the registry under HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\NetWare\NAL many thousands of registry settings.

That means every time someone signs onto these devices for the first time all of these registry keys must be created within their profile. Might be one reason I have slow logins.

I couldn't convince ZCM bundle action to actually remove these settings with any combination of a registry action I could think of. However the following three lines worked in a run script action using .bat %comspec% and /C

reg delete HKU\.Default\Software\NetWare\NAL\1.0 /f
reg delete HKU\.Default\Software\NetWare\NAL\2.0 /f
exit 0

Of course use at your own risk. If you have anything still using these registry keys, your results will vary. I only had ZfDS 6.5 using them and that product is long gone.