I loaded the updates on my BorderManager Server ( NW6SP4,BM37SP3 and a new HP LAN driver for the N100 dated 7-17-2003). Since then I am having problems with clntrust hanging up the machine when trying to execute in the login script. When I use the clntrust version 1.5 that came with BM37SP3 no users can login without hanging up. When I use clntrust version 1.4 (the one that was working before the upgrade) people logging in from 2 of the 3 servers are able to complete the login and use the internet without any problems but one of the servers will not let them login loading clntrust. The client machines are a mixed environment of Windows 98 Client ver 3.32, Windows 2000 Client version 4.83 and Windows XP Client version 4.9 SP1 and the same problem exist with each of the machines. I would appreciate any help you can give me in this.