I have nw 6.5 sp 8 and just started getting this issue below. The resolution says to Place a READ/WRITE replica of the container hosting the NLS:Product Container object onto a NetWare server. I am not sure what they mean by a read/write replica of the container. The server is configured as the master and has read/write replicas of our other servers on it. I unloaded polimgr and user can get at it again but I need some help fixing the real issue.

9-02-2009 2:53:23 pm: server-5.70-3651 [nmID=50020]
POLICY MANAGER - (5.00-014) : Connection x is using a 'grace' connection to server <Server> because no licenses
were installed or available. Install a connection license.(User.context.tree.)

Typing VERSION at the console prompt shows the server is not licensed.