Propably I miss something very basic for a destination located on a OES2-LX cluster

Due to the readme of Server consolidation and migration toolkit, the destination
should be allowed to be a OES linux based cluster:

The readme.html is telling:

1.1 Server Consolidation Utility 4.2
Server Consolidation Utility consolidates data from any number of source servers to
any number of destination servers. Supported source servers include NetWare 4, 5,
and 6 servers. Supported destinations include Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) on
both the NetWare and Linux* platforms, a NetWare Cluster/SAN, or a Novell Branch
Office appliance.

I tried now several times to copy simply one folder from a NW658 NSS volume to a
OES2SP1 Cluster volume, I always get this error:

An error occurred attempting to validate or migrate the file system from 'SERVEROLD'
--- Error caused by a NetWare API error ---
This error means that the error code returned has different meanings for different
(Error code: 0X89fb Function Name: NWGetNLMLoadedList)

From the NWGetNLMLoadedList I expect, that something went wrong on the old server,
as it's the only NetWare box. Nothing obvious at the system console or logger screen.

tsafs.nlm and tsands.nlm are loaded.

Knowledgebase: "NWGetNLMLoadedList" presents just 3 outdated TIDs:
10025697, 10016349, and 10056630

suggested, to load NUWAgent.nlm manually, than SCMT complains, that this is
*ALREADY* in use on the OLD server.

When it's *NOT* loaded, it does *NOT* get loaded by SCMT.

When I drag-drop folders from OES2-NW -> OES2-NW Volumes, everything is fine.

When I drag-drop folders from the OES2-LX-Cluster-Volume -> OES2-NW Volume, I get
the very same error message as above.

So it looks like it's the OES2-LX-Cluster Volume giving the trouble, no matter if
it's destination or source.

Any suggestions appreciated, TIA, Rudi.