i have some trouble with Mailproxy. Some incomming mails rejects the
server. I test the mailproxy by using TID-10065223, when i connect from
extern with telnet on port 25 to my bm-server the first line at the
console is 220 Service ready, the second mail.klinikum-ibbenbueren.de.
When i now type in HELO mx23.gmx.de or something else the first answer is
502 Command not implemented. When i retyp the command once again HELO
mx23.gmx.de then suddenly the answer from BM is correct 250 klinikum-

Some Mailserver can handle this crazy BM an can send to us. Example web.de
and osnatel.de is no problem to send mails. But gmx.net or dak.de cannot
delivere mails to us.

what can i do, change to static nat?

with kind regards
Thomas Kreis