Here is our problem. It is a bit unique, but still a problem.
We had a ZCM Zen server about a year ago. We had several labsl tied to it.
It worked pretty good. It was a 10.01 server, when we wanted to upgrade to 10.3, it was like a nightmare on elm street!!
We had an excellent Novell engineer assist us on cleaning up our Zen environment. We ended up building a new server up, which of course orphaned a lot of workstations. Here is where we are getting into trouble.
Quick Secario:
New Zen ZCM server in place:
Many workstations with old Zen agents on a lower level, orphaned from the original Zen Server which was so hosed it could not be rebuild.

How can I get a "Zen Agent Free" workstation, from this mass of mess in our labs that have the old agent on them. Even when I use the agent removal tool,when I push an image to the "cleaned" workstation, it puts an agent back on the machine. And it is not current and is not managed?

I am in need of some serious help!!! ;-)