Hi All

I have a client that has an existing system with multiple GW Domains,
Multiple GW Po's and multiple internet domain names. (Many users have two
or three active email addresses)

I have added an additional PO and Internet domain and set the PO to only
use the new internet domain.
The problem is that I need to create users in this PO that exist
elsewhere in the GW system, where most have multiple Internet domains.

Where the existing user only receives email from one domain there is no
problem I can force them both to a single domain, but

In this case they want the account and emails to be separate (the users
will proxy in).

ie Existing User = Fred Nerk
Emails : fred.nerk@domain1.com

New User in new domain = Fred Nerk
Emails : fred.nerk@domain3.com

Is there anyway to force internet domains to only go to a single domain
or PO and not consider users outside this ?

Thanks in Advance

Mark Casey