Hi all,

We have about 160 PCs with W2K operating system and recently for the last
few month or so all new PCs come with Window XP Pro.
I have installed all the necessaries to connect to the Novell NW6 server
and with have a BorderManager 3.6 server. Not all users are allow to access
internet so we have created a group object which has acces to internet and
add all users which are allow.
Here is the problem with all Window XP Pro PCs only. everytime they start
their PC and get on to the internet they will directed to BM-login page and
then when they close browser and reopen it go to internet straight away.
Here is what I did and checked :-
Patches on XP all updated
IE6 with sp1
Client version 4.90a sp1
Have try changing on Internet Option in IE browser
Even log in as Admin have the same problem
And same user that log in to other W2K PC have no such problem.
Ticked the box on "Authenticate only when user attempts to access a
restricted page"
Client Trust latest version

All the above did not solve the problem, I think problem lie obviously on
XP machine but I even look in the Registry I could not find that problem.

Can anyone have same problem please help as we are continue to get new PCs
with XP Pro .

I greatly appreciate any help and thank you.