Since I cannot use Firefox reliably with ZCM (unless I want to use a vulnerability ridden version of Firefox), I have to use IE7.

I go into a bundle that contains ONE registry key in the Install Actions.

When I "edit" the registry key, it pops up a new window with the registry key "path".

I click the "plus" sign to drill down to the key.

Every click refreshes the ENTIRE window (not just the pop-up) and it's SLOW as all get out.

Literally about 2-3 seconds for each "click".

Took me about 30 seconds just to get to see the registry key value I needed to look at.

In consoleone with ZFD, this would take maybe 3 seconds TOTAL.

I can't imagine having to do this with lots of registry keys (I'll be there all day).

This is with ZCM 11 Beta1, BTW.

Shall I open an SR or is this a known problem at this point?