We can't edit Office (2007) files when we open them over Teaming.
E.g.: We have under Teaming a file directory with an Excel file. When we click on
'edit' the Excel application starts and a login dialog pops up. After the values are entered
the file are opened in office. But the file is write protected.
If we make the same procedure over https the file wouldn't be opened.

Two questions:

1. Why would the Office file over http opened write protected?
2. Why is it not possible to open the file over https?

Here our environment:

SLES 11 64 bit
Teaming 2.1
LDAP Sync to eDIR
Office 2007
Windows 7
IE 8
Firefox 3.6.3
Yes, the time is in the whole network equal.
Yes, the ssl certificate is valid.
Teaming was installed how it is in the installing manual described (Firewall forwarding).