Please keep in mind that this is my first time using Novell Zenworks Vitalization v8.
I am using XP SP3 on a 1.6Ghz system that is on a SLES 10 SP3 / OES2 SP2 network with ZENworks 7 SP1.
I am in the process of using Novell Zenworks Vitalization v8. I used the template for IE 7 and was successful however when I save any addresses to Favorites I get an error. "The system cannot find the specified file" I have been able to change the registry to have our board web page open when the IE 7 is being run.

Can you tell me where the default location is for saving Favorites? I have checked the registry, file system, and settings tabs and cannot find where to redirect Favorites to a users homespace (H:\Favorites). I hope that I have the right tech forum to ask this question?