Hello All,

I'm working on getting a USB thumb drive to use for imaging. We're not doing PXE here, and in the past, have used imaging CDs to pull the images from the server. We have a lot of broken CD drives because of the kids(K-12 School), so a USB stick would be a great work around.

At this point, I have the USB drive all set up:

-it boots linux properly
-loads settings.txt
-calls an imaging script
-nfs mounts a directory on the imaging server
-sources a second script from that nfs mount so i can make changes to the script without having to burn new CDs or rip apart the initrd every time we change a script
-it connects to the server and will run the img command

This is where I run into a problem. Since I had to make the USB stick SDA, the Hard Disk becomes SDB. By default, the img -makep will make an image of SDA and put that on the server. When I do an img -restorep, it will bring the image down on top of the USB stick, basically destroying it.

Is there a way to specify which drive you want the image to be created from and conversely, which image to bring an image down onto? I didn't see anything in the docs, but to be honest, they're frustrating to navigate so I might have been looking in the wrong spot.

Thanks in advance.