I first noticed this problem quite a while ago and didn't pursue too far for
a fix, but have just upgraded to NW6.5 and BM3.8, and thought I would try it
again. The issue appears when I try using the PROXY.CFG that Craig Johnson
(thanks for all your help you provide Craig...) has made available on his
web site.

For Internal DNS, I am simply using the HOSTS file on the BM box, and
running the DNS proxy, pointing the clients to the BM box for primary DNS.
When I use the default PROXY.CFG, from any station, I can ping all of the
entries that are in the BM HOSTS file. However, when I apply the PROXY.CFG
from Craig's site, I can not get a response from some of the entries. Can't
see any reason for why some work and some don't. For example, in the HOSTS
file is an entry like this: CUC_MAIN_NW4 finance ZENWSIMPORT

from a client, I can ping CUC_MAIN_NW4 and finance, but get no response
from ZENWSIMPORT. For another entry it may be the first alias that doesn't
work while the rest do. Can't see any consistency.

If I unload PROXY, copy back the default PROXY.CFG, the reload PROXY, test
again, and it works OK.

I figure there must be some item in the PROXY.CFG that is causing the issue,
but haven't been able to track it down. Can anyone suggest what might be
going on here?