GW 8.0.1 HP1 all around.

Normally if you compose a new email and you "change" the from field from your name, to say, something else, it will put like parenthesis in there so you basically cannot "fake" the sender.

However, if you create a reply/vacation rule with text:

a) You can BLANK out the from field so that the the recipient gets an email with a blank from line (although the MIME headers have a valid "from" field in it with the correct name)

b) You can CHANGE it to anything (haha-you stink, for example). And it'll show up as: "haha-you stink" in the recipients mailbox.

Is this working as designed?

It seems quite odd that it would behave that way.

This is for internal sender/recipients only (I've not tested with external/internet accounts yet).