We are running the Novell Client 4.91 SP5 with all of the latest updates on Windows XP SP3 platform with Zenworks 7.1 HP4 desktop management client. Our Kaspersky Security Suite, with the latest up of the Network agent is causing serious hangs and data loss just randomly on our HP DC5100 SFF workstations. We have paid thousands to a consultant, and have had Kaspersky working on this issue since February, in hopes of resolving the issue to no avail. We are running only the most thinned down Anti-Virus piece with all other apps in the suite uninstalled and/or disabled but still, we have random hangs. Without going into it, because it's a very long and complicated explanation, I am convinced that it is a setting or settings in our Novell Client, but we cannot figure it out. We do not use NMAS, have went to Windows DHCP and SLP instead of Novell. Does anyone have a similar environment that they could send me an ACU dump of their client settings to check mine against?

Thank you,