Since GMS came out, watching the SOAP threads increase on the POA has been
the dread of my life. The odd thing is that it only seems to be related to
Novell gateways such as GMS, Evolution and now Mobility while my only other
SOAP applications are my BES server, it hardly seems to be the one with tied
up threads but rather the one trying to get into the post office but can't
since the other Novell SOAP applications seem to be rather attached to the

And of course once the POA get's maxed out, the only way to recover is a
hard reset of the server, is this just a Netware issue or are POA running on
Linux having the same issue?

Does anyone know the reason for this? What triggers it and why won't the
NetWare POA release the thread? I understand what it's doing but just
curious of why.