I was under the impression from back in the Netware days, that Novell had actually done something clever with SLP.

Now I'm realizing that they haven't, they've made a blunder.

We've got 25-35 very dynamic sites, they are established for year - 5 years.
The sites are spread all over the world, and the lines in the eg. rainforest arent of a stable nature.

So users need to be able to login, both local and global.
Of course, if the line is down, they should only be able to log in local.

Due to the fact the SA's only register to their known DA's, and DA's don't talk to each other, we have to tell every server (150+) about every DA on the network.
We furthermore have to enable multicast, as users "run" around between sites, and we can not predict where they are from day to day, or hand it out via DHCP, but on sites that do not have servers, we can't, the DHCP servers in the routers have problems with handing out correct option 78/79, at least we can't see them on the clients.

So our reality is that we have to maintain 150+ servers slp.conf every time we create a site, or shut down a site (which is quite often).

If there ever was a bad design, I think this takes the price.