We've got a major issue thats re-occuring...

8 offices, nowdays changed so that ALL mta's can send directly to each
other. All wan/LAN comm works 100%, ds, file-acces,etc..
BUT, MTA's have the habbit of closing connections to/from different
sites on occasion.

This usually can be fixed by renaming the mshold on each affected
site, but WHY ?... Why is it reoccuring ?,
Usually I can put back all files from /4 / 5 into to the system

I'd really like to be able to somehow trace this issue, it does NOT
look like it's lan/wan related since everything else works 100%

The gw setup is latest patched 8.0.1 and we even 2 weeks ago did a
complete top/down/rebuild with wphost,db,etc ,,etc,, by the book
including doublechecking that all .dc files on each site was correct.