We recently migrated our environment from eDirectory to AD and therefore also Storage Manager is now running on Windows 2008 R2.

There are few missing features with AD version of NSM, like collaborative directories and quota management, but if i've understood correctly, next version of NSM is going to include a whole bunch of new features? Any schedule about the release?

Anyways, the real reason i'm writing this is that we have been experiencing some problems with NSM moving user home directories based on users AD-containers. After user object is moved, NSM renames source directory to "userxxx-FSFMOVE" and copies all files and folders to destination volume, but for some reason the process halts and NSM is unable to delete all files/folders from source after copying them.

NSM says that the state of event is "Cleaning up the old Home Directory" and it stays there forever, until admin deletes or renames the source directory manually.

NSMProxyRights account has "full control" privileges to all volumes and it should not be a rights issue anyway, since NSM is able to delete some of the files, but not all.

File server is Windows 2008 R2 and the volume of user home directories is clustered.

All NSM Component run on the same server:
Engine version
Event Monitor version
Agent version
Admin Client version

I hope someone will be able to help us with this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Marko K.