We would have a number of labs that we would periodically re-image with a hardware specific image for the lab. The image (Windows XP) is built without sysprep, and relies on Zenworks to rename the workstation from each machine's ZISD. This has worked fine in the past for us in an eDirectory environment, however we are now moving our machines to an AD environment.

I've been trying to carry out re-imaging as described above - the imaged PCs reboot, see the just imaged flag is set, and restore the machine info from ZISD. However they cannot log into the domain, saying that a machine account does not exist. However, on checking in AD Users and Computers, the machine account does exist.

Should Zenworks have reset the SID of the machine back to what's contained in the ZISD store - or is there a different SID that AD uses when trying to match up with a machine account?

To sum up the steps I carried out:

1. Joined master PC to domain, Zenworks agent is 10.3
2. Ran zac fsg -d on master PC
3. Take image of master PC
4. Ensure client PC is joined to domain (machine account exists), Zenworks agent is 10.3
5. Apply image of master PC to client PC
6. Reboot client PC, zenworks imaging box appears, renames workstation
7. When zenworks is finished, reboot - client can't log into domain

Is it even a feature of Zenworks that it can recreate the link between the workstation and its domain machine account? Or will I have to use some autologin functionality and netdom.exe scripting?