I'm trying to build an add-on image for a Windows 7 machines, where I have batch scripts which install the client after initial login. I want to make it so no interaction is required. I've created a NCPF file, and that works fine, however I keep getting the Windows prompt saying that Novell is not a trusted publisher. I click OK, and it works continues.

I want to make it so that I'm not required to click OK, as eventually I'll need to image a few hundred machines, and I want them to do the installs automatically.

I've seen on some forums that I can export the Novell.cer from machine that has the client installed. I tried that, and installed the certificate in the Trusted Publishers, personal, and trusted Root stores, but it still comes up with the login. The certificate expires on 28th April 2010, even though its the latest downlaod and I exported it from a machine where I installed the client last week.

Any help would be appreciated.