I have 2 user mailboxes on 2 different PO's that have a similar issue. We are running GW8.01hp1 on SLES (1 server is physical 10sp2, the other is VM 64-bit SLES 11). 1 user has gone from 800mb to 4gb to 17gb in 3 weeks the other user (below) has gone from less than 100mb to 8.4gb in a week. The odd thing is that I don't believe these numbers to be truly accurate. First, he only has 40 messages in his Inbox and 26 in his trash. The other is that I checked in the /store folders for his user and message databases and they are:

userjqn.db = 410,624
msg83.db = 6,158,336

These numbers in the middle of all users in this PO and are not large by any means. Why would current size listed seem to be so astronomically high??? Am I looking at some sort of corruption issue with these users (or PO)? Thanks for any feedback!

Checking user = firstname_lastname (jqn / 83) 510976 bytes, 06/23/10 11:04 (Firstname Lastname [Student Development])
- Current time 11:04:24 am
CONTENTS VERIFICATION/STATISTICS analysis of db /store/findlay-po/ofuser/userjqn.db
- 292 records found, last DRN = 903
- checking Data records
User stats: 40 InBox, 0 OutBox, 26 WasteBasket
Disk space management values: Size Limit - 102400KB, Threshold - 90%
Problem 89- Size Limit Exceeded. Current size: 8407778KB

Processing time for database userjqn.db: 0:00:00

PROCESSING COMPLETED- total processing time: 0:00:00