We have a customer who's BM 3.8 installation on a netware 6.5 sp1a server is doing some wackinesss.

Without the loading boardermanager the server is stable as a rock, utilization barely budges, disk utilization is low and dirty buffers and disk requests barely fluctuate as well the open files sits between 300 and 500 files. As soon as I enter STARTBRD and BM loads, the utilization (sometimes) sits rock solid at 85-90% and never comes down. If I reboot it will sometimes load and drop down to normal levels, however, even if it does the following always ocurrs.

Open files quickly climbs to above 10,000. Disk requests and dirty buffers go wild climbing frequently to between 1000 and 2000 and rarely if ever coming down. This ocurrs with no one on the network at all other than myself. If I try to reset the server it almost always hangs. If I clear the cache and restart the server let it run for an hour with no one on the network I can watch the transparent proxy stats constantly climbing and after rebooting only after an hour the proxy loads with 20,000 files in cache. Like from whom?

I ran the beta service pack 2 but we began very shortly after receiving abends in the ACLCHECK.NLM so I back rev'd it to the sp1a patch level. That seemed to rectify the abend but we still are unable to load BM because it goes nuts. The other issue we run into is a lot of corruption on the 5 cache volumes (traditional) which invarible happens and as such vrepair runs everytime you reboot with thousands of errors on all volumes. I've deleted an recreated the volumes 3 times.

Any ideas where I'd start looking for this one. The server is fairly new and has run for about 6 months without a hiccup until recently.