Hey all, Craig,

On with the battle. I created a Virtual Machine with Windows xp client 4.90 to get beyond my proxy config issues, only to discover that I think it is a proxy issue but can not figure it out for the life of me.

Previously, NW 6 sp4 BM 37 sp3, filters worked fine, proxy worked fine. I upgraded this weekend to NW 6.5 sp1, BM 3.8 sp??, tcp, etc just as Craig has it in the readme. It didn't work.

I could not get into the proxy config menu (-319 error) until this morning. Everything looks the same. The access is the same. I reinitialized the server. It all looks good.

To test it, I disabled the filter exceptions and removed the proxy from the browser. It worked like a champ. I turned the filters back to enabled and put the proxy ip address back in the browser, no go.

I am using clntrust (which is still having issue with SAV 9.0)

Then, I just noticed something. I am getting the error:

Proxy SSL Listener at all TCP/IP addresses:443
**Error** Bind error 48

I change my authentication Context to remove SSL Authentication and the error went away. I check my certificates and they are valid. The server is listening on 443 as shown in tcpcon. Hum? I then tried to pull out the Null and use the Domestic (NICI) beta TCP, no change.

I read a TID that says that this is cosmetic. NOT! This may be a moot point, in that, if I shut off Authentication via SSL, it still doesn't work. Now, this point me to a filter problem. ARGH! Anything else I need to look at?