When users create any appointment in calendar, as soon as the
acceptance is on his BB, the Reminder Alarm on the B pops up.

-BB shows alarmtime = 58218655

-Only users on my secondary PostOffice have this problem.
-Appts are created on the PC (I have not tried creating one on the BB)
-It doesn't matter if its accepted on the PC or on the BB.
-Syncs appears fine for creating, reading, accepting, example:
when you read the appt on the BB, it syncs that action and it
shows up as 'read' (aka unbolded) in GW on the PC.
-Alarm time is only visible after its been accepted
-PC always shows Correct Reminder Alarm time = 5 min

I found a similar issue reported in this link:
Synch with Groupwise Causes alarms to be set at 12... - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
However, the solution there was confusing to me. "install 7.0.3 HP1" But do I install that on my BES server or the PC? It didn't say what version was on the PC originally. Currently I have 7.0.3 HP3 installed on the users PCs and on My Server.

Please Help,
Should I downgrade my GW client back to HP1? On my BES server?

Is there a Post-office Setting I can check?

How can I verify what HP version I have installed on my Server components, such as my Post Offices? I believe I am running 7.0.3 on all components of my GW system.