I tried everyting I could find to try to solve the HW.KB issue that seemed
to start with the April PRU.

I finally found TID 7006139 and followed the advice it had for delelting the
system bundles.

However, I did not open the "offending bundle" and aknowledge/delelte the
error messages it had generated on my devices before I deleted it.

Now I have a bunck of machines showing the red x denoting error messages,
but when I open the machine and refresh the message log nothing shows. No
messages are available...

Any ideas on how to get rid of what appears to be "orphaned" messages where
the bundel had been delelted but some vestige of the original error report
persists from the server side?

I am thinking of trying to clear the cache and if that doesn't work
unregister and re-register the machines, but that would be a bit of a