Here's my dilemma:

We have a slew of regional servers with very very bad WAN links.

I need to upgrade from OES2 SP1 to OES2 SP2 (which of course, requires the upgrade to SLES 10 SP3).

Due to the poor WAN links, I can't and don't want to use the online upgrade method via rug. I'll be there for about 4 hours waiting for it to finish and we can't have the server "down" for that long.

We have HP ILO, (and don't want to mount the DVD/CD remotely as that's not quicker), but we CAN send the DVD (for SLES 10 SP3) and the CD (for OES2 SP2) to the staff and do the "offline" upgrade.

The problem with that, is that we need someone there to switch/insert the CD's for us.

Assuming there's enough room on the DVD, is there a way to put the OES2 stuff on the same DVD so that way we can at least have them insert the DVD and then we can do the rest remotely?