We have created some extra work for ourselves by leaving our GroupWise 7 on an older version of NetWare. I've seen everywhere that it's easier to upgrade on the current OS to GW8 and then migrate the system from NW to SLES/OES2. However in our situation it seems we are forced to move and upgrade at the same time.

I have both of Danita's book (Migration & Upgrade) and I'm working on putting together a checklist of steps to perform the migration and upgrade at the same time. Because I'm concerned I'll miss a step or do something in the wrong order I'm hoping someone here will give me a hand.

I have a very simple environment on two servers. One has the single primary domain, POA, MTA, and GWIA, the other server has WebAccess and Novell Messenger. Please take a couple minutes and give me a short list of the steps you would perform for the move and then upgrade.

I'm sure others are in my situation and would benefit from this kind of checklist.