I am trying to enable CIFS for a cluster resource on a OES2SP2 cluster. The cluster was originally installed as OES2 without CIFS installed. In fact, Novell Samba was installed on the original cluster. It has since been upgraded to OES2SP2.

I installed Novell CIFS from yast which prompted me to remove Novell Samba. Success. I can successfully access the CIFS share directly via the node itself.

However, I cannot successfully enable CIFS on the resource either via enabling the protocol on the resource or by running novcifs manually. The steps I followed to configure the service are as follows:

1. Install Novell-CIFS from Yast and use "yast2 novell-cifs" to configure the service. Create the cifs proxy user in the same context as the cluster, cluster node, and cluster resource objects. Verify required access levels to appropriate objects as indicated in documentation.

2. Enable CIFS from iManager and offline the node.

3. Run the updated cifsPool.py referenced in TID 5041880 and verify creation of Object Class and attributes on cluster resource object.

4. Disable CIFS from iManager (resource will go comatose otherwise) and reattempt service using command line "novcifs --add --vserver=.cn=adm-server.ou=cluster.o=ORG --ip-addr=" (I've even tried appending .t=Treename)

5. Verified SLP configuration using slptool findsrvs service:ndap.novell

6. Verified eDir health using ndsrepair -T and ndsrepair -E on server holding master of all replicas and on cluster node. All report 0 errors.

7. Confirmed ldap syntax and object availability using ldapsearch (output below for both virtual server and resource objects)

8. Traced both ldap and nmas from the node server using ndstrace which produces no output during the running of novcifs.

The errors I receive are:

From the terminal:
Adding a Virtual Server is failed
Error : Unknown , Error Number: -626

From /var/opt/novell/log/cifs.log
Jun 24 11:11:01 d108 CIFS[820]: DEBUG: ENTRY: Virtual server ReadAttr() context = 1611005954
Jun 24 11:11:01 d108 CIFS[820]: DEBUG: ENTRY: ConnectToPreferred context = 1611005954
Jun 24 11:11:01 d108 CIFS[820]: ERROR: ENTRY: Resolve Name failed with error code -626
Jun 24 11:11:01 d108 CIFS[820]: ERROR: ENTRY: CIFSNDSGetCIFSServerInfo: Read attribute failed: -626
Jun 24 11:11:01 d108 CIFS[820]: CRITICAL: CLI: CIFSNDSGetCIFSServerInfo() failed for adm-srv.cluster from NDS, error = -626

Ldapsearch from the cluster node reports this about the virtual server referenced by novcifs:
nfapCIFSSignatures: 1
nfapCIFSShareVolsByDefault: TRUE
nfapCIFSAttach:: MSMKwBxx
nfapCIFSOpLocks: FALSE
nfapCIFSUnicode: TRUE
nfapCIFSDialect: 4
nfapCIFSAuthent: 1
nfapCIFSComment: Cluster Virtual CIFS Server
nfapCIFSServerName: ADM-SHARE
nCSVolumes: cn=dc1-cluster_ADM,ou=CLUSTER,o=ORG
nCSNetWareCluster: cn=dc1-cluster,ou=CLUSTER,o=ORG
dsRevision: 2050406
Version: NWCS[DS]
Resource: cn=ADM_SERVER,cn=dc1-cluster,ou=CLUSTER,o=ORG
objectClass: ncpServer
objectClass: Server
objectClass: Top
objectClass: nfapCIFSConfigInfo
networkAddress:: OCMCDArAHHE=
networkAddress:: OSMCDArAHHE=
ACL: 16#subtree#cn=ADM-SRV,ou=CLUSTER,o=ORG#[Entry Rights]

# search result
search: 2
result: 0 Success

# numResponses: 2
# numEntries: 1
# extended LDIF
# LDAPv3
# base <cn=adm_server,cn=dc1-cluster,ou=cluster,o=ORG> with scope subtree
# filter: (objectclass=*)
# requesting: ALL

Ldapsearch indicates the following about the resource itself:

# ADM_SERVER, dc1-cluster, CLUSTER, ORG
dn: cn=ADM_SERVER,cn=dc1-cluster,ou=CLUSTER,o=ORG
nCSCRMMonitorFailurePeriod: 600
nCSCRMMonitorMaxFailures: 3
nCSCRMMonitorFrequency: 60
nCSCRMMonitorTimeout: 60
nCSCRMMonitorScript:: IyEvYmluL2Jhc2gKLiAvb3B0L25vdmVsbC9uY3MvbGliL25jc2 Z1bmNz
CmV4aXRfb25fZXJyb3Igc3RhdHVzX2ZzIC9kZXYvZXZtcy9BRE 0gL29wdC9ub3ZlbGwvbnNzL21ud
C8ucG9vbHMvQURNIG5zc3Bvb2wKZXhpdF9vbl9lcnJvciBzdGF 0dXNfc2Vjb25kYXJ5X2lwYWRkcm
VzcyAxMC4xOTIuMjguMTEzCmV4aXRfb25fZXJyb3IgbmNwY29u IHZvbHVtZSBBRE0KZXhpdCAw
nCSVolumes: cn=dc1-cluster_ADM,ou=CLUSTER,o=ORG
nCSRevision: 17
nCSCRMFailoverMode: 17
nCSCRMFailbackMode: 0
nCSCRMUnloadTimeout: 60
nCSCRMUnloadScript:: IyEvYmluL2Jhc2gKLiAvb3B0L25vdmVsbC9uY3MvbGliL25jc2 Z1bmNzC
mlnbm9yZV9lcnJvciBuY3Bjb24gdW5iaW5kIC0tbmNwc2VydmV ybmFtZT1BRE0tU1JWIC0taXBhZG
RyZXNzPTEwLjE5Mi4yOC4xMTMKaWdub3JlX2Vycm9yIGRlbF9z ZWNvbmRhcnlfaXBhZGRyZXNzIDE
wLjE5Mi4yOC4xMTMKaWdub3JlX2Vycm9yIG5zcyAvcG9vbGRlY WN0PUFETQpleGl0IDA=
nCSCRMLoadTimeout: 60
nCSCRMLoadScript:: IyEvYmluL2Jhc2gKLiAvb3B0L25vdmVsbC9uY3MvbGliL25jc2 Z1bmNzCmV
4aXRfb25fZXJyb3IgbnNzIC9wb29sYWN0PUFETQpleGl0X29uX 2Vycm9yIG5jcGNvbiBtb3VudCBB
RE09MjUyCmV4aXRfb25fZXJyb3IgYWRkX3NlY29uZGFyeV9pcG FkZHJlc3MgMTAuMTkyLjI4LjExM
wpleGl0X29uX2Vycm9yIG5jcGNvbiBiaW5kIC0tbmNwc2VydmV ybmFtZT1BRE0tU1JWIC0taXBhZG
nCSCRMIgnoreQuorum: FALSE
objectClass: nCSVolumeResource
objectClass: Top

# search result
search: 2
result: 0 Success

# numResponses: 2
# numEntries: 1

It acts like there is a missing attribute that I don't have on the virtual server object, but I am just stuck here. Can anyone suggest anything to try?